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 Silver smithing &  Jewellery Classes Gold Coast

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Silver Jewellery Classes on the Gold Coast

Fingerprint jewellery class on the Gold Coast One on One Workshops available

Private classes in:
PMC - Enamelling - Silversmithing - Fingerprint Jewellery

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Evening classes:
6.30 - 9.30

1 Spot available
Thursday Night

SJewellery classes Gold Coast - erling Silver Ring


Silver Jewellery Classes Gold Coast Bracelet by Tina Henline


 Silver smithing &  Jewellery Classes Gold Coast


Beginners Silversmithing Classes
No previous experience required

Please note: No Metal clay is taught in these classes.

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Beginners Silver Jewellery Classes

This class is for people who are new to silversmithing, here you will learn all the basic silver jewellery & metal work techniques.

The course is structured with projects that will build your skills, such as:

Basic Skills: Fabrication: You'll learn how to saw, file, sand & polishing the metal and how to achieve a professional finish.

Basic Skills: Soldering: Wire, sheet & sweat soldering, teaching you how to get comfortable with a torch and operate it safely,both at the studio and at home.

Texturing & Shaping metal: All kinds of possibilities for textures are explored and the textured metal shaped and domed to be used in a variety of jewellery pieces.

Other metal combined with Silver: Learn how to work with other metals that look great joined to silver: Copper -Brass - Titanium etc.

 Silver smithing &  Jewellery Classes Gold Coast

These are just the very first techniques you'll learn, they form the basic skill-set needed to successfully work with metal.

Cost: for a block of 8 classes $360.00 (not including tools or materials)

Students can then renew every 4 weeks for $180.00 for as long as they like, some people have been with me for over 7 years:).

Material costs vary, some people work big, some small, some work with silver, some with copper and you could even combine the two! I think between $50 & $150 will cover it, again depending on your choices.

There are some tools to share at the studio, you will be required to buy some basic tools as you go along, a bit at a time if you can get them all at once.

Check out some students work here

Intermediate classes follow on from this basic course and are open to students who have successfully completed the first 8 projects.

Email Maggie to find out which classes have places available at the moment.

3 Spots available


Enamelling on Copper  Jewellery making workshop on the Gold Coast

Enamelling on Copper Workshop
One Day Workshop - Sat 10 June
No previous experience required

Learn the basics of enamelling:

- How to prepare the enamel powders
- How to prepare the metal so the enamel will stick!
- Applying Enamel
- Firing with a torch or in the kiln
- Making and using stencils
- How to avoid cracking enamels
- Enamelling over textured Metal
and more...

Cost for the day is $180.00 (includes all materials)

Email Maggie to book your place now.
Limit of 6 per class

PMC Certification Workshop Gold Coast
1-1 PMC Metalclay Classes

Metal clay is such an exciting medium to work i! So for people who want to build their skill levels and maybe work toward starting their own jewellery business, or teaching metal clay, these beginners projects will give you the best foundations.

I teach these classes only as a 1-1 workshop, this way you get all the attention you need and help with every question you might have.

You will learn all the techniques necessary to make any piece of jewellery you can dream up, in an organised, systematic way!


Don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions, please mention it's about a certification class in your email.




Silver fingerprint necklace

Fingerprint Jewellery
1-1 Workshops
No previous experience required

This is a special 1-1 workshop for people who want to learn how to make fingerprint and keepsake jewellery. This course is meant for people who might want to take this beyond a hobby and develop it into a home business.

All the techniques needed to achieve this will be taught in this course and participants will have a starting collection of jewellery and the techniques to make these and other work easily at home.

In this class you will be taught all the basics of working with metal clay and learn how to make:

  • A lovely little hand, or footprint charm using a Photopolymer plate
  • A beautiful Heart pendant with a Fingerprint and handwritten name
  • Learn how to set a sparkly, heatproof stone in one of your pieces
  • Make a washer style pendant with stamped letters
  • Professional Polishing & finishing techniques, by hand and with a tumbler
  • Applying a patina to accentuate the writing, stamping, or textures in your jewellery

    Learn how easy it is to make a Photo polymer plate that can be used for:

  • Baby's hand or footprints
  • Pendants with a child's drawing or writing
  • Or a pendant with all the children's names
  • and so much more!

Read more about 1-1 classes

Email Maggie to book for this course


How to Make Fingerprint Jewelry

If you can't make it to my studio..... my book
'How to Make Fingerprint Jewelry'
is now available for immediate download!

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If you are flying in for a workshop you might want to check out my accommodation page for hotels near the studio