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Here are just some of the reasons why I love
Solar plates (PhotoPolymer Plates)

Look here to see the sizes available and what plate is best suited for your own work.

Click here to get full instructions

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· Your own, totally original stamps, from your own artwork, that can be used with materials such as: Metal clay, Polymer clay, etc.

· No waiting for rubber stamps to be made up, it wouldn't’t take longer than half an hour, to make the plate from your artwork

· No copyright issues!

· Your choice of a deep impression (as you'd need for most impressed designs) or a shallow one (like you'd need for Keum-boo)

· Low cost

· No complicated or expensive, specialized equipment needed

· You don't use any dangerous chemicals,
acids etc., only water!

· Easy to make mirror image pieces (earrings)

· Easy to make positive or negative designs

· Use text for Logos, names, monograms & initials

· Make complete pieces or all the components for more complicated pieces in one impression

· Great for teachers, a fantastic new technique to give your students an extra tool, to allow them to create their own original designs