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Reclaiming Metal clay
Fit Sponge to container

Fit a piece of upholsterer's foam to fit a plastic container.
Make it a snug fit, especially not too loose.

Cut sponge
Cut a slit ito the sponge, stop about 10 mm from the bottom
Finished Sponge
This is what my sponge now looks like.
Clay in place

The clay sits in the damps sponge until it is soft
enough to knead

- Hold the sponge under the tap until it holds all the water it is able to.

- Put the wet sponge back into the container, make sure there is no visible water in the container, all the water should be held in the sponge.

- Dip the piece of clay into water and make sure it is wet all over, a dry piece of clay sometimes repels the water.

- Take a look after about 20 minutes how soft the clay has become, don't let it get too soft. Leave a little longer if necessary.

A thin piece of clay (3-5 cards think) takes me about 30 minutes to reclaim. This is just a guide, times will vary with different pieces of clay.
Thicker pieces work better if the sponge is a little dryer and the piece left in longer (up to 24 hrs)

This method seems to work better with PMC than Artclay, maybe there's a difference in the binder composition that accounts for that.

I never wash the sponge, the thin clay layer that forms stops sticking for subsequent pieces.

This is just my way of recycling metal clay.
I hope it works for you too!
If it does, it'll free up a little more time from doing boring chores like grinding the clay to a powder & leaving more time (and materials) for creativity!

Good luck!