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Everything I’ve ever done, over my lifetime as an artist, has come together in making jewelry: from the Rembrandt etchings that inspired me as a child, then sculpting, pottery, drawing, design, to computer graphics, digital photography and printmaking. Now I can use it all. Jewelry allows me to create art on the small scale that has always delighted me.

It all started many years ago, when my printmaking tutor showed me his small copper etching plates.They looked like jewellery to me, and I fell in love. Inspired, I made earrings from my copper etching plates. It was the start of a new life for me, jewellery became my focus incorporating all the other things I did, or materials I chose to work with.

I like to work with glass - fused glass, lampworked glass beads, enamels - combined with metal.
I love enameling (which, of course, is glass on metal) Whether I use beautiful transparent Japanese enamels that will play with the light as it reflects through the layers and bounces off the silver beneath, or opaque enamels used on copper, for stronger, more graphic effects, the process is fascinating and very enjoyable.

I use different processes to get the textures I want, from Solar plates to carving polymer clay, or linoleum, or pressing different materials into metal clay. By nature, I’m drawn to textures and patterns. I live close to five temperate rain-forests, and on my walks I notice things like the twisting vines, the pattern of leaves against the sky, contrasts - shiny leaves against our dark-red, volcanic soil or lichen on rocks.

In the city, I’m drawn to linear forms and industrial patterns: architecture, skyscrapers, bridges. I carry a sketchbook and camera with me everywhere—making notes, drawing, photographing.

When I’m working in the studio, I’m not aware of time passing; the creative process just consumes me. I’m happiest starting out with just an idea for a piece; preferring to interact with the materials as I work, let them impose themselves on my design to a certain extent.

What’s most exciting is playing with a variety of materials and get them to work together, then combine them with metal.

When very different materials come together and then work as a whole, I just love that. Or, when I invent a new process and it all comes together even better than I imagined…it’s just magic!